Lonley Wolf


Lonely wolf

I’m a woooooOOOOOlf

The forest lives, the nature calls
And changes soul when darkness falls
I chose to roam
This is my home
Sky and stars, the royal halls

I chose to run without a pack
I make my own and solid track
The path I chose
is all my own
‘though I never feel alone:

I’m a lonely wolf OOOOO
A lonely woOOOOOlf
You try to kill me, but I swear
Your problem is your fucking fear
I’m a lonely wolf OOOOO
A lonely woOOOOOlf
I find my strength in solitude
And in a fucked-up attitude
I’m a woooOOOOOolf

I know that many people fear
And hate me, they will never hear
The beauty in my song
So I roam along
Cause I’m strong and I don’t care

To follow others? Not for me
I’m at my best when I am free
I find the pace
that makes me strong
I thrive like this as long

As I’m a lonely wolf OOO
A lonely woOOOOOOOlf
Your hate can kiss my gray behind
Your problem is your fucking mind
I’m a lonely wolf OOOOO
A lonely woOOOOOlf
I find my strength in solitude
And in a fucked-up attitude
I’m a woooOOOOOolf

I’m a lonely wolf OOO
A lonely woOOOOOOlf
I find my strength in your weakness, dude
And in my fucked-up attitude
I’m a lonely wolf OOO
A lonely woOOOOOOOlf
You cannot kill me, ‘cause I’ll fight –
You in your nightmares every fucking night
I’m a woooOOOOOolf

On the other side

I’m in your dreams
Can you feel me?
I am the one
who listens to an aching heart.

Do not give in
There is a place
Where questing hearts can find
The peace you need until you find the one.

On the other side
On the other side of your heart

No one can live
Without no one
Remember love
Might be a pure illusion

I am right here
You can’t see me
Unless you look within
And search for something hidden from your eyes.

On the other side
On the other side of your heart

Your emptiness
Your hollow soul
I am the cure
for all your broken dreams and despair

I wait for you
Among the stars
Just go outside and see
The dancing flames, your mistress of the night…

On the other side
On the other side
On the other side of your heart

Mistress of the night

I see your loneliness inside
A sorrow way too hard to hide
The sky is black, your soul is blue
You need that I make love to you.

I am your mistress of the night,
Your freezing fire shining bright.
Your longing soul belongs to me,
My dancing flames will set you free.
If you surrender to my love
You’ll see the stars and rise above
To endless passion all night through,
This is the gift I give to you

I will remove all your despair.
Don’t turn away when I am here.
My hands will stroke your cheek so mild
Before the passion turns to wild.

When you have given me your soul,
I’ll conquer you and take control.
You want it all, I’ll give you some.
You’ll feel my colors when you come.
I am your burning northern light,
Your freezing fire shining bright.
My endless passion all night through,
This is the gift I give to you.
I am your mistress of the night,
Your freezing fire shining bright.
My endless passion all night through,
This is the gift I give to you

Come home

I pray in silence to the moon
And try to send a message: “come back soon”
I worry sick because I don’t know where you are
Is it close or is it far?

The moon is staring at me, blue
No answer, no relief, what shall I do?
The only thing that I can do right now is wait
And I pray it’s not too late…

Come home
I am worried ‘bout you now
So, where are you?
I am waiting here
You could be anywhere
All alone

Come home
I miss you and want you near
Thinking of you
Try to reach you now
Oh, but I don’t know how
I can find you
Come home
Come home

No answer given from above
To calm the heart, I hope you feel my love
And that my worried thoughts reach out and they fly right
And will reach you in the night

I loved you truly from the start
And all I have now is an aching heart
Where memories will be locked up and will get old
with unfinished grief on hold


The punishment for letting those I love, run free
Is a broken heart for me.


I thought
(what you) you said was true
I did
(I did) I trusted you
My heart
(my heart) was open ‘till that day

Your words
(they were) they were a lie
And now
(I wish) for you to die
(I learned) I learned the hardest way

Your love was a lie
A false alibi
Never forgive or forget, its
making me stronger! So let me
hate you!

I’m sick
(I’m sick) of your betray
(ever) ever come my way
Not as
(an ass) a lover or a friend

I know
(I do) I know the fact
(is how) I will react
I hope
(You’ll meet) your karma in the end

The Angel Song

No one knows the day
Before the light has fade away
And the evening came early, that is true.
But you saw an angel, Oh, I’m sure you saw an angel,
And I know that angel was for you.

Daytime turned to gray
On this dark and empty day
Even though the sky was pearly blue.
But you saw an angel, Oh, I’m sure you saw an angel,
And I know that angel was for you.

You got answers to questions, there was love instead of hate.
I know you wanted to tell me, but you knew it was too late.
Many nights I weep
When I try to go to sleep
But in my dreams there’s a message coming through:
I can feel an angel, Oh I’m sure I feel an angel,
And I know that angel is you.

It’s not easy to let the life go on without you near
Not a day passes by without I’m wishing you were here.
No one needs to cry
When I rest myself to die
When I know that my life is done and through
I will meet an angel, Oh, I’m sure I’ll meet an angel,
And I know that angel is you.

I will meet an angel, Oh, I’m sure I’ll meet an angel,
And I know that angel is you.

My love

You do exist -But in my dreams
I sensed your face – And you saw my heart
You know my name – and whispered soft
The playful wind – Sent your love to me

Come – I’m alone as you can see
I am – here, I am right where I shall be
where I call for you
So I call for you
Yes I call for you
Oh, I call for you – My love

The calm green grass – Where I laid down
It kissed my skin – And it was your lips
The sun touched kind – My burning cheek
My longing soul – Wanted you so hard


You are the nature and the air
The sun and trees and wind, and everywhere
You’re always close And still you never are
I feel you by me, yet so far.
You are impossible to see, to find
Because you’re only in my mind

Good girl gone bad

First you get mad
Then you get even
Revenge is a dish that is best served cold
First you can cry
Then you get angry
The concept of karma is way too old

Oh, I promise – to make him pay for it, will make you feel sooooo much better.

I know what I want
I know what I need – and how to get it, get it!
I know what I want
Because of what I had
I’m a good girl gone bad.

You wanna kill
When you discover
He’s fucking a woman who’s not his wife
One thing I’ve learned
When it is over
what assholes deserve never comes to life

Be your own destiny, be your vengeance, and his fucking nightmare!


when justice fail – in every way
it’s time that you – make your own day
You are the best – you’ve ever had:
You’re a good girl gone bad

Better off alone

The fucking destiny works in mysterious ways
(getting stronger, it’s not loneliness)
Sometimes you need six thousand seven hundred days
(getting stronger, it’s not loneliness to be alone)

My eyes were opened, I had never felt so strong
I found my freedom and it didn’t take that long
before I knew what I had lost to find myself
I am living on my own
I am better off alone.

My life is better without anyone’s betray
(getting stronger, it’s not loneliness)
Manipulation is not love in any way
(getting stronger, it’s not loneliness to be alone)

I grew my wings again, I even touched the sky
And every day I learned how far my mind could fly
Then I could see what I had lost to find myself
I am living on my own
I am better off alone.

If badness leaves you, you are stronger than you know
Just spread your wings, this is your life, so start to grow
And you will see what you have lost to find yourself
Rather living on your own
We are better off alone.

Our eyes are open, we have never felt so strong
We found our freedom and it didn’t take that long
before we knew what we had lost to find ourselves
We are living on our own
We are better off alone.

Cry of the soul

What have we done
We’ve failed our mother
She cries in pain and agony
Why don’t we listen?
We have been blind
We have to turn this
Before it is too late for all
Who lives on mother earth.

We are so dumb
We are so stupid
‘Cause we destroy our only home
We kill the planet
We kill ourselves
We have to turn this
Just listen, you will hear the
painful cry of all our – Mother Earth

Saddle the storm

«Don’t rock the boat” is not the way I wanna live.
I’ll be a voice for those without, so I can give
What I have in me
And make a change in this world

When you stick out your neck to face the enemy
With angry blades of words to cut mercilessly
Do you surrender?
Or do you fight back like hell

I saddle the storm
And ride like a devil
Come what may
It’s not in me to surrender
I challenge the wind
And fight what is given
Bring it on!
I will ride the storm through all you give to meeee aaaaaa…

Someone is bound to find the courage to be tough
And stand strong in the storm to say when it’s enough:
When nature needs it,
The voiceless have to be heard!

We cannot let the evil win and stab us down
That is the reason I am glad that I have found
The reins and saddle
So I embrace what will come…


The sun in your heart

It is a calm and cloudless sky,
a gentle breeze is passing by.
It whispers calm around a tree
and kisses one that cannot see.
He’s lifting his head and sniffs in the air,
a confident boy without fear.
The trust he has learned to feel in his heart
is taught him from the day he got a new start.

Scott, you don’t need your eyes to see
that the sun is shining eternally.
No matter if the day is dark and gray,
the sun is in your heart, where it always will be.
Scott, beautiful Scott, you will always see.

Your paws know every track to choose.
You learned to trust, you cannot loose
the track your heart has made for you.
Your mom gave love, so strong and true.
The strength in her love has made you so strong,
your life will be happy and long.
Scott, you can teach any human to see:
You really don’t need eyes when your spirit is free.


Courage has many hidden colors,
in the eyes of Scott, the color will show.
The beauty of his glittering eyes
is revelaed as the whitest snow.

Min tro - My beliefe

Æ har vind som stryk på kinnet,
æ har sol som varme hud.
Æ har foinne katedralen
og æ har min egen gud.

For det einast æ behøve
e den tonen som æ får,
den som syng dypt inni mæ
når æ kan føl naturen vår.

Fjellet e min egen kirke,
mine ængla, dæm har fjær
eller pæls – dæm skape roa
som æ får når æ e hær.

Helt fra skogens’ trygge stillhet
og te fjellets reine ro
og med alt som i det leve,
det har blitt min sanne tro.

Når æ søke indre styrke,
e det skog og hav og fjell
som gir alt æ træng i sjæla
når min dag vil gå mot kveld.

All den styrke og det liv som
vår natur så villig gir
e den sanne tro for sjæla
som en del av skogen blir.

I have wind that strokes my cheek,
I have sun that is warming skin.
I have found the cathedral
And I have my own god.

Because the only thing I need
Is the tone I get,
The one that sings deep inside of me
When I can feel our nature.

The mountain is my own church,
My angels, they have feather
Or fur – they create the peace
That I get when I am here.

From the safe silence of the forest
And to the calm peace of the mountain
And with everything living here,
This have become my true belief.

When I seek inner strength,
It is forest and sea and mountain
That gives everything I need in my soul
When my day turns into evening.

All the strength and the life
So willingly given by our nature
Is the true belief for the soul
Who becomes a part of the forest.

some thoughts behind the lyrics

Lonely Intro
I thought it would be a nice way to settle once and for all what kind of musician I am – I am choir, power metal and harmonies. I’ve been the conductor of the female choir Trondheim Damekor since May 1st and I arrange everything we sing – from carols to metal ballads and of course some of my own songs. I hope that I have managed to put the element of my choir soul and harmony heart into the album, managed to make my own sound, and to start with this special acapella intro was for me a great way to show who I am.

Lonely wolf
The thought behind Lonely Wolf has deep roots in the fight I am dealing with every day at my spear time – to be a voice for the voiceless. In Norway, it does not mean anything for the government that a predator is at the red list. The animals have no rights, and especially wolves are hated by most of the sheep farmers and moose hunters, plus those hating the animals because they fear without reason. The first category because they insist on releasing their sheep into the forest without taking care of them (about 80K – 100K sheep and lambs die every summer season without the help of the predators, but this is not important to them since the vision of a fresh wolf attack from a stray wolf is more terrible to find, than a clean pile of sheep bones), and the second category because they insist on hunting moose with their dogs unleashed. I receive a lot of nicknames, shit and piss from wolf haters in the debate, because I sometimes send articles to the newspapers and get them published. To fight for wolves is sometimes a lonely business, but I will never give up. Feeling like a lonely wolf myself sometimes, I feel strongly related to the animals I fight for. I seek loneliness, trying to find the strength in being a alone wolf while a sentence from the next song is haunting the wolf soul… no one can live without no one… This is a song from the soul.

On the other side
A lonely soul is seeking comfort in the forest, the nature, listening to one’s inner voice and adding a bit to bring even more comfort and hope for a love who must be waiting out there. A soulmate is giving advice from the other side of the heart. Of course, it is up to the listener to make up one’s mind about what to interpret the lyrics.

Mistress of the night
A depressed man on a huge tundra, high up in the mountain up in the north of Norway. Loneliness makes him see things in the dancing northern light and it turns magic, contacts him, dances for him, connects, seduces him and finally makes love to him – while the fact is that the man is freezing to death, but what a way to go… At least this was like a short story in my mind when the lyrics popped up in my head. This is the first single released and it will always be incredibly special to me.

Come home
I love animals. All of them. Since the age of 5 I have always had animals in my life. Cats, dogs, horses, guineapigs, hens, pigs, goats, sheep, ducks… One of my cats just disappeared one day, right before I should move to my own home after a rough divorce and a turbulent year in rented places. I just let her out the door like I always did, and I have not seen her again. I lived in the forest – I recon fox, eagle or a lynx was to blame without blaming the animal or nature for my loss. SiriSvarta was snowy white with a blue and a green eye. When one of my cats went missing again in early winter 2020, this song wanted to come to life. Sanne (black as the night) was missed for 5 days and the words and melody made their way into my head. This happened the evening before she came home, 6 days missing, and the day after she came back I sent the song to Marius Danielsen – I actually feel that this song had something to do with her coming back…

After being married for 17 years (together in 19 years) to a manipulative psychopath and compulsive liar, this song was easy to write, even if I have been a lonely wolf for almost 10 years now. After all, it inspired me to write a deliciously angry song, besides writing the book “Gullible” (you’ll find it if you search at lulu.com).

The Angel Song – remix
This is a remix of the original you can find here (also available at Spotify, iTunes and such) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpHGS-i7Sss where you also can see some of the animals that have been a huge part of my life. I have always wanted to do a remix of The Angel Song. The start and the ending, they are all wrong at the first version, but there is a reason. I had ambitions of ESC – the European Song contest, and the rule is for the song to be no longer than 3 minutes. Inspiration: September 11th 2001, something happened in America that gave me the words for the first part of The Angel Song. When I later lost someone dear to me, the rest of the lyrics came like the words had been waiting. This song has already brought comfort to people who has lost someone near, making the sorrow easier to bare. It means a lot to me to be able to comfort people in one of their hardest moments in life. The Angel Song finally got the right start and end at this album.

My love
Loneliness is a theme in the album, and this song was meant as a kind of prayer from a lonely soul longing for someone to love. Struggling with a loneliness so hard, the mind has created an invisible lover who only exists in the lonely heart. To feel the connection to this made-up-lover feels like getting an answer from the other side.

Good girl gone bad
Revenge… when Karma fails. No point in being a good girl waiting for Karma to do its job, when Karma does not exist. If justice shall be done, good girls have no choice but go bad.

Better off alone
Words of support to those believing you MUST live with somebody to be happy. This advice given from a lonely wolf who knows what she’s talking… uhm, singing about. To be alone is not the same as being lonely. A woman is so much stronger without any man controlling her life…

Cry of the soul
A tribute to the planet – our mother – and a hope of humanity to wake up before it is too late for our home.

En bønn for rovdyr – a prayer for predators (remix)
This is a fun one, in a way. Because the first title of this song was “Peder von Claussens fantastiske patent” – “The fantastic patent of Peder von Claussen”. And it’s the oldest song on the album. I’m not sure about the exact year, but my main sponsor brother Svein and I had a great plan of making a movie out of one of my short stories. This must have been around 1985-1988. I am also a writer and one of the short stories printed in a magazine would be easy to turn into a script and a movie with only him and me as actors. In short, it was about an inventor who created a time machine, travelled in time and had a mistress, something his wife found out because she followed him back in time without Peder knowing it. I even wrote the song for the scroll text at the end of the movie, and this was “Peder von Claussens fantastiske patent.” But the movie never became a reality and later I used this song as a background for a text about Norwegian predators. You can see the English version here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGO1uUOAyFQ and now it had a new name: “En bønn for rovdyr – a prayer for predators.” Since I am still eager to fight for the wildlife in Norway, I let the song keep this title.

Saddle the storm
To saddle the storm is something I often feel I do when I write an article that I know will piss off wolf haters when I manage to get it released in a newspaper. I know what will happen, I know I will get old enemies more angry (yes, I can call them enemies with all the nicknames and so far three death threats), but I do it anyway. I rock the boat, I disturbed the water, I create a storm and I saddle it to ride like a devil, no matter how many assholes I piss off… bring it on, fuckfaces!!!!

The sun in your heart (bonus)
This is Scott’s own song. Scott was Marte Alstad’s dog and friend close to heart. Scott was totally blind. He was diagnosed with PRA when he was three years old, and it didn’t even take one year before he was blind. With good help from his fantastic «mother», he lived a full worthy, happy life before he died in Marte’s arms in 2018. This story inspired me so much, the song had to come out of my head, heart and soul. The book of Scott is only in Norwegian, but you can find his “sister’s” book at lulu.com in English (and Norwegian)– “B for Binga”. Here is the video with lots of pictures of Scott https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCy9lK47Je8

Min tro
The hymn of a true nature lover. You don’t need religion when you have found your true belief in nature. The first (lousy) production has its own video:

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About Lonley Wolf

All songs written, composed, arranged and performed by Berit Helberg (lead/backing)
All vocals recorded in Skansen Lydstudio, Trondheim except the yodeling at Saddle the storm, that’s done in my own living room…

Lonely intro
Produced by Skansen Lydstudio

Lonely wolf
Marius Danielsen: Drums, bass, electric guitars and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations

On the other side
Marius Danielsen: Drums, bass, electric guitars and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations

Mistress of the night
Marius Danielsen: Drums, bass and electric guitars.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations
Angelo Emanuele Buccolieri: Production

Come home
Marius Danielsen: Drums, bass, electric guitars and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations
Berit Helberg: Piano

Marius Danielsen: Drums, bass, electric guitars and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations

The Angel Song
Marius Danielsen: Production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations
Berit Helberg: Piano

My love
Marius Danielsen: Drums, bass, electric guitars and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations

Good girl gone bad
Marius Danielsen: Drums, bass, electric guitars and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations
Piano: Berit Helberg

Better off alone
Marius Danielsen: Drums, bass, electric guitars and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations

Cry of the soul
Marius Danielsen: Drums, bass, electric guitars and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations

En bønn for rovdyr (A prayer for predators)
Marius Danielsen: Bass, electric guitars and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations
Berit Helberg: Piano

Saddle the storm
Marius Danielsen: Drums, bass, electric guitars and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations

The sun in your heart (Bonus)
Skansen Lydstudio: Drums, bass, electric guitars and production.

Min tro
Marius Danielsen: bass and production.
Peter Danielsen: Orchestrations
Berit Helberg: Piano


A thank you beyond what is possible, I want to give to those of my RL friends and my Facebook friends – friends I have never met and keep close to heart – for making this album possible the economic way. Some of you really opened the wallet and heart. No names mentioned, you mean so much to me and I thank you with all my heart!! Both through “gofundme” and the Facebook-campain I created at my birthday in April 2020.

The main sponsors must be mentioned. First my brother Svein. Always proud of his little sister and eager to help my dream come true. I also thank my beautiful parents, Johanne and Johan, always supporting this crazy daughter they don’t always understand but still love unconditionally – and it’s mutual. Without these people – my family, friends both seen and hugged or those yet never met:  Without you, this album would not have been possible for several years.

A warm thank you to my producer Marius Danielsen (Legend of Valley Doom), who never gave up on me, even when I had my bipolar moments at Messenger close to his mental despair 😉 Also thank you to Skansen Lydstudio for his patience while we made magic with my voice. They both are professionals and have a great laidback sense of humor, most needed for my well-being. 

At last: Thank you to Dale Nielsen, who let me use his wonderful pictures of the northern lights, both at the cover and in the promo-videos “Mistress of the night” and “Lonely Wolf” at YouTube. Find more of his stunning pics at @goingeastwest at Instagram and www.facebook.com/dalenielsen321

The wolf’s eyes at the cover is my own oil painting of “Vargtass” who was shot and killed in April 2013 just because he was who he was: A wolf in the wrong country, killed by the government just for being himself. He woke me up to battle and I thank you, Vargtass, for the sacrifice you had to make.

“Lonely Wolf” is only the beginning…