2013The Angel Song Single
2014En bønn for rovdyr Single
Snusen & Tinni Single
Sniffer & Tinni Single
Sniffer & Tinni (German version) Single
2015You have magic - (to the novel Leftina’s Story) Single
2016The sun in your heart Single
2017Leve sangen (a choir-project) Single
2019Mistress of the night Single
2020Lonely Wolf Single
Ulekoret – operaen hylekoret Album, satirical
Ønskedrøm – operaen hylekoret Single
Lonely WolfAlbum
2021Tomme ord – operaen hylekoret Single
Ta knekken på bamsefar – operaen hylekoret Single
Fire år med makta – operaen hylekoret Single
Julefred i skogen EP