Berit Helberg has always had music in her heart and soul. Even though she chose the path with words when she had to choose which direction to go.

She started by the piano, in a music-kindergarten in Trondheim, Norway (thanks to her parents) at the age of 4, followed by private piano lessons until she became a teenager. She then had several years away from the piano. But she became a member of the female choir where her mother was a member – Trondheim Damekor, at the age of 15.

This very choir ended up with Berit as a conductor in the year 2000, where she had to step up when the actual conductor was ill, and the choir had a performance in Nidarosdomen Cathedral 1st of May. They are still stuck with her…

Berit’s head is always full of music and harmonies, she arranges everything her choir sings (from gospel to metal) and she has also done some composing for the choir. But most of the music growing in her was made for and by her heart and soul. And while the music grew in Berit, the dream of creating her own album grew with the music.

When it comes to other things in life, Berit is an author and a writer, with more than 30 titles in Norwegian and some also in English, and she is also painting occasionally. Her children’s book “Sniffer & Tinni” is released in four languages: Norwegian, English, German and Russian.

“I am harmonies and colors, I am choir and opera, and I am rock and power metal, all mixed in my heart and soul .
I hope this will be reflected in my music.”
Berit Helberg